More Science-Society Interfaces for a Global Soil Security

Opening address by Mr Stéphane Le Foll, French Minister of Agriculture, Agrifood and Forestry, French Government Spokesperson (subject to availability)

Monday 5 December 2016
08.30-09.00 Registration
09.00-09.30 R. Cointe (CEO, INERIS), P. Mauguin (CEO, INRA) Welcome address
09.30-10.30 Introduction to Global Soil Security 2016 (Moderator: Cristine Morgan, TAMU)
 09.30-09.55 A.B. McBratney (Univ Sydney) Introduction about Concept of Soil Security
 09.55-10.20 J. Bouma (Wageningen UR) How soil security concept can pave the way to achieve some of the Sustainable Development Goals
10.20-10.30 Discussion
10.30-12.40   Session 1: Scientific and Political framework of Soil Security (Moderator: Cristine Morgan, TAMU)
10.30-10.45 V. Castillo (Managing Director of the Global Mechanism of the UNCCD) The Land Degradation Neutrality Target Setting
10.45-11.00 R. Creamer (WUR) Soil and Ecosystem relationships, critical factors to soil
11.00-11.15 C. Chenu (AgroParisTech) Soil functions and ecosystem services
11.15-11.30 B. Bessagnet (INERIS) The soil-air nexus: an important aspect of global soil security
11.30-11.45 J.F. Soussana (INRA) The 4p1000 initative
11.45-12.00 D. Laird (Iowa State University) The Role of Soil Security in the Food-Energy-Water-Climate Nexus
12.00-12.05 P. P. Roggero (Univerfsity of Sassari) Long term agroecosystem experiments to foster
12.05-12.30 Discussion
12.30-14.00    Lunch
14.00-16.00 Session 1: Scientific and Political framework of Soil Security (Moderator: D. Field, Sydney University)
14.00-14.15 H.M. Van Es (Cornell University) Advancing Soil Security in the USA: The Issues, the Players, the Science.
14.15-14.30 R. Herintsitohaina (Antananarivo University) Agro-ecology in Madagascar: a solution for sustainable Agriculture production and Soil management
14.30-14.45 J. Faber (WUR) Using nature-based solutions to promote Soil Security
14.45-15.00 C. Collins (Reading University) The UK Soil Security Programme
15.00-15.15 A. Kruszel (Canadian Soil Conservation Council) Perspective of Soil Security in Canada
15.15-15.20 J. Mathieu (UPMC) Factors driving soil macrofauna biodiversity at global scale
15.20-15.40 Discussion
15.40-16.00 Coffee break
16.00-18.00   Session 2: Operationalising or Implementing Soil Security (Moderator: F. Carré, INERIS)
16.00-16.15 M. C. Morgan (Texas A&M University) Capturing value of soil: a multi-faceted approach
16.15-16.35 G. Pérès (INRA) & S. Houot (INRA) SUSTAIN (Soil functional Biodiversity and Ecosystem services, A Transdisiciplinary Approach) & ECOSOM (Soil Organic matter as a key factor in provision of soil ecosystem services)
16.35-16.50 M. Bardy (INRA) An assessment of the societal impacts of French soil databases
16.50-17.05 D. Arrouays (INRA) The International GlobalSoilMap Project
17.05-17.20 T. Hengl (ISRIC) Spatio-temporal modelling of global SOC stock: limitations, challenges and opportunities
17.20-17.25 L. Poggio (The James Hutton Institute) DSM for soil functions (in Scotland)
17.25-17.30 M. P. Robotham (USDA) Haiti Soil Survey and Natural Resources Conservation
17.30-17.35 M. P. Robotham (USDA) Healthy Soil Systems – a Soil Survey Approach to Soil Security
17.35-17.50 Discussion
18.00-19.00 Transfer to conference dinner
19.00-23.00 Conference dinner
Tuesday 6 December 2016
08.30-11.00 Session 2: Operationalising or Implementing Soil Security (Moderator: Yvonne Ohlsson, Swedish Geological Institute)
08.30-08.40 D. Bagnall (Texas A&M University) Linking indicators for soil security
08.40-08.55 B. McKenzie (Hutton Institute) Towards soil security – examples of what can be achieved by working with other professionals
08.55-09.10 V. Bert (INERIS) Enhancing ecosystem services of contaminated soil
09.10-09-20 Par-Erik Back (SGI) Does soil have value beyond what it provides humans?
09.20-09.25 E. Beauregard (Quebec University) Valorisation of urban soils: a key issue for enhancing urban ecological services
09.25-09.30 O. Afolabi (Coordinator Climate Change Network Nigeria) Climate smart agriculture (CSA) project in urban and peri-urban settlements in Nigeria
09.30-09.50 Discussion
09.50-10.00 N. Denieul (farmers, BASE Association) Examples of good French farming practices
10.00-10.05 J. Yang (Korea Environment Institute) Strategic environmental impact assessment for development basic plan considering complex characteristics of soil
10.05-10.10 A. S. Mangrich (Federal University of Paraná) An Integration Project for Improved Water Retention Capacity in Soils of the Brazilian Northeast Region
10.10-10.15 I. Virto (Universidad Pública de Navarra – Pampelune) Extension of Irrigation in Semi-arid Regions: What Challenges for Soil Security? Perspectives from a Regional-Scale Project: Life Regadiox
10.30-10.35 Z. Libohova (Purdue University) Soil Security for managing and protecting water resources: The example of Central America Dry Corridor Initiative
10.20-10.40 Discussion
10.40-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-13.00   Session 3: Towards more citizen soil science for achieving Soil Security (Moderator: I. Feix, ADEME)
11.00-11.15 D. Field (USYD) Soil Security to Connectivity: The What, So What and Now What.
11.15-11.30 L. Montanarella (JRC) The Global Soil Partnership
11.30-11.45 S. Demonet (FNE) People4soil: a European Citizens Initiative for soil
11.45-12.00 L. Maring (DELTARES) BALANCE 4P (Balancing decisions for urban brownfield regeneration – people, planet, profit and processes)
12.00-12.15 N. Bale (OVAM) The soil certificate – a Flemish tool in raising awareness about soil contamination
12.15-12.35 N. Goeser and farmers The Soil Partnership
12.35-12.45 W. Honeycutt (SHI) The Soil Health Institute
12.45-13.00 Discussion
13.00-14.30 Lunch
14.30-14.35 F. Bampa (TEAGASC) What is your prioritized soil function? Harvesting stakeholders´ knowledge from 5 EU countries
14.35-14.40 M. C. Moscatelli (University of Tuscia) Soil awareness in Italian high schools: a survey to understand soil knowledge and perception among students
14.40-14.45 M. C. Dictor (BRGM) Which R&D needs for a sustainable soil management and land use?
14.45-15.00 Discussion
15.00-16.00   Panel discussion: further steps to achieve Soil Security : M. Robotham (USDA), A. McBratney (Univ Sydney), J. Bouma (WUR), L. Montanarella (JRC) – Moderator: C. Chenu, AgroParisTech
16.00-16.20 F. Carré (INERIS) & D. Arrouays (INRA) Conclusions of the conference